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“Displace these people, and you weaken the community and lose the cultural heritage, which is a huge asset.” Dan Immergluck comments on the gentrification of neighborhoods and the effects it may have on the small businesses in the area.

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On page 130 of the new tax bill lies part of a plan to help distressed America-Opportunity Zones. Opportunity Zones involves showering businesses with tax breaks, subsidies, and other incentives to lure them into struggling area. These zones are to revitalize neighborhoods and towns starved for investment if done successfully. Urban Studies Institute professor Dan Immergluck comments on the effectiveness of Opportunity Zones and why they may not work.

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Dan Immergluck explains how Amazon picking Atlanta as its second North American headquarters can affect the city in “For Amazon to Work in Atlanta, we Need a Stronger Affordable Housing Infrastructure.” Immergluck suggests policies the City of Atlanta should consider before welcoming a big company like Amazon.

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Dan Immergluck quoted in John Ahmann’s “How Would Martin Luther King Challenge our Revitalization Efforts?” Taking a look at the improvements Atlanta has made around Martin Luther King’s adult home on Sunset Ave. and how these improvements can affect those living in the area.

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Between 2010 and 2015 there has been a 67% jump in renters over home buyers in Atlanta. Dan Immergluck discusses this trend with Celeste Headlee’s “On Second Thought” on WGPB radio 88.5. (Immergluck’s segment is from 14:00-22:00 minutes).

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Atlanta is one of the top three cities in the nation with a high eviction rate. In 2017, one in five renters were unable to pay their rent for at least one month in a three month period. Dan Immergluck comments on the eviction crisis.

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Dan Immergluck quoted in The AJC on a new rule against discrimination on those who use vouchers to pay rent.

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“It’s a great location for affordable housing, obviously, and it’s a great way to provide some long-term affordability…” Dr. Immergluck quoted on the sale of the Atlanta Civic Center in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Read the Full Article
Professor Dan Immergluck‘s “Renting the Dream: The Rise of Single-Family Rentership in the Sunbelt Metropolis,” quoted in the Atlanta Curbed article. Read article.
Professor, Dan Immerglucks, “Renting the Dream: The Rise of Single-Family Rentership in the Sunbelt Metropolis,” quoted on Atlanta as the top rental market in the country and single-family home rentals mostly found in diverse neighborhoods. Read the full article.
Sam Williams discusses the biggest challenges faced by cities experiencing rapid population growth. Read the full article here.
A potential deal for 100 acres of vacant land in Atlanta may threaten affordable housing in the city, Dr. Dan Immergluck comments “Where there is room for housing, we should be building affordable housing, that’s for sure…” Read More
Dan Immergluck discusses the rising cost of housing in Atlanta and how this may effect affordable housing. “If we don’t develop those affordable housing strategies, eventually we run the risk of becoming a San Francisco…” Read More
Deirdre Oakley and Dan Immergluck comments on Atlanta’s paradox of progress and how the city’s increase in infrastructure and race may impact the upcoming mayoral election… Read More
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