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Dajun Dai

Faculty Affiliate & Associate Professor (Geosciences)    ,

Ph.D. Southern Illinois University


Dai is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geosciences. His current research interests include urban and social issues, public health, transportation, and computational GIS. My research addresses built environment, access to healthcare, neighborhood effects, social difference and their implication on planning, public health and policy.

He has been teaching GIS-centered courses including Introductory GIS, Advanced GIS, and Introductory Mapping and GIScience. He also teaches GIS Programming and Urban GIS, two new courses at GSU.

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Selected Publications:


Dai, D., Rothenberg, R., Luo, R., Weaver, S., and Stauber, C. Improvement of geographic disparities: amelioration or displacement? Journal of Urban Health, 94(3): 417-428.

Wang, P., Lin, X., and Dai, D (corresponding author). Spatiotemporal agglomeration of real-estate industry in Guangzhou, China. Sustainability, 9, 1445; doi:10.3390/su9081445.


Dai, D., Jaworski D*. Influence of built environment on pedestrian crashes: A network-based GIS analysis. Applied Geography, 73: 53-61.


Dai D. Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in urban green space accessibility: where to intervene? Landscape and Urban Planning, 102(4): 234-244.

Dai D, Wang F. Geographic disparities in accessibility to food stores in Southwest Mississippi. Environment and Planning B, Planning and Design, 38(4): 659 – 677.


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