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Donald C. Reitzes

Faculty Affiliate & Professor (Sociology)    ,

Ph.D. Sociology, Indiana University


I am interested in micro urban sociology and the application of identity processes and symbolic interaction theory.  My work focuses on the study of how people use and assign meaning to urban places, how they develop a sense of local belonging and identity; and how urban identities and attachments influence well-being.  Recently, I finished a research project which investigated how homeless people in Atlanta make use of a downtown park, protect their sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy, and use digital communications to maintain social networks and instrumental activities.  My next project will address adjustment and acculturation processes among new Asian immigrants to Atlanta.

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Selected urban publications since 2011:

  1. “Digital Communications Among Homeless People: Anomaly or Necessity?” Donald C. Reitzes, Josie Parker, Timothy Crimmins, and Erin Ruel, Journal of Urban Affairs 39 (2): 145-155 (2017).
  2. “Preserving and Protecting Self-Esteem Among Homeless Men,” Josie Parker, Donald C. Reitzes, and Erin Ruel,” Sociological Perspectives 59: 201-218 (2016).
  1. “Home or Office? The Homeless and Atlanta’s Downtown Park,” Donald C. Reitzes, Timothy J. Crimmins, Johanna Yarbrough, and Josie Parker,” Sociological Focus 48: 28-48 (2015).
  1. “Black Racial/Ethnic Identity and Its Impact on Well-Being: Bridging Identity Theory and Racial/Ethnic Identity Research,” Donald C. Reitzes and Charles Jaret. Pp. 147-170 in African American Identity: Racial and Cultural Dimensions of the Black Experience, edited by Jas M. Sullivan and Ashraf Esmail.  Lanham, MD.  Lexington Books  (2012).
  1. “Sense of Place Among Atlanta Public Housing Residents,” Griff Tester, Erin Ruel, Angela Anderson, Donald C. Reitzes, and Deirdre Oakley, Journal of Urban Health 88 (3) 436-453 (2011).
  1. “Social Support and Social Network Ties Among the Homeless in a Downtown Atlanta Park,” Donald C. Reitzes, Timothy J. Crimmins, Johanna Yarbrough, and Josie Parker, Journal of Community Psychology, 39 (3) 274-291 (2011).
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