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Eric Wright

Faculty Affiliate & Professor (Sociology)    ,

Ph.D. Indiana University Bloomington


Eric R. Wright is Chair of Sociology and Professor Public Health at Georgia State University and a Second Century Initiative (2CI) Faculty in the Atlanta Census Research Data – Health Policy and Risky Behaviors Cluster.

As a medical sociologist, his research interests center on public policy and social responses to health and illness, particularly mental health and illness, substance use, sexual health, and sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, he is involved in several projects exploring the social determinants and responses to prescription drug abuse and efforts to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and improve the mental and sexual health of adults with serious mental illness. He has extensive experience in working with community organizations as well as local and state government to better understand community health needs and improve the effectiveness of health- and healthcare- related programs and policies.

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Selected Publications:

Peer Review Edited Books

Eric R. Wright and Neal Carnes (Contributing Editors). 2016. Understanding the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States: The Role of Syndemics in the Production of Health Disparities. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Springer. Doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-34004-3.

Teresa Scheid and Eric R. Wright (Editors). In Press (Expected Publication 2017). Handbook for Society and Mental Health: Social Context, Theories, and Systems, Third Edition. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Eric R. Wright, Harold Kooreman, and Marion S. Greene. 2017. “The Early Impact of the Indiana Scheduled Prescription Electronic Collection and Tracking (‘INSPECT’) Program: A Potentially Effective Policy Tool for Reducing Prescription Drug Abuse.” Indiana Health Law Review 14(1):112-128.

Susan Synder, Robin Saunders, Timothy Brezina, Elizabeth Beck, Eric Wright, Nicholas Forge, and Brian Bride. 2016. “Homeless Youth, Strain, and Criminal Justice System Involvement: An Application of General Strain Theory.” Children Youth Services Review 62:90-96

Other Publications

Eric R. Wright, Erin Ruel, Morgan Justice Fuoco, Alex Trouteaud, Travis Sanchez, MPH, Ana LaBoy, Halley Myers, Kara Tsukerman, Christopher Vidmar, Matthew Gayman, Nicholas Forge, Ciara Smalls-Glover, Courtney Anderson, and Robin Hartinger-Saunders. 2016. The Atlanta Youth Count and Needs Assessment 2015: Final Report. Atlanta, GA: Department of Sociology, Georgia State University. (Released May 3, 2016). Available online at:

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