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Karen Johnston

Academic Professional Affiliate    ,

J.D., Georgia State University


Karen Johnston, assistant director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth, focuses on comparative research and teaching at the intersection of land use law and planning, environmental law, and sustainable development.  She is responsible for developing the center’s Study Space Program, an international workshop focused on the legal, social and policy challenges of metropolitan growth.  She also co-teaches the Urban Fellows course, an interdisciplinary, graduate-level writing course focused on metropolitan growth issues and leads study abroad programs.  She is the managing editor of the Journal of Comparative Urban Law & Policy.

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Selected publications:

  • Dan Reuter and Karen Johnston, Changing Cities: A Look at Metro Atlanta and Barcelona, Saporta Report, Region Matters (May 23, 2014).
  • Karen M. Johnston, Private Corporations: Critical Partners in Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery, Bahçeşehir University Law Review, Special Issue, Planning for Disaster:  Place, Population, Culture and the Environment (2014).  Published in Turkish and English.
  • Speaker, The Role of Law and the Private Sector in the Reduction of Disastrous Natural Hazards, Study Space VI, Planning for Disaster: Place, Population, Culture and the Environment, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey (April 2013).
  • Lewis B. Jones, John L. Fortuna, Karen M. Johnston, Updating Twentieth-Century Water Projects to Meet Twenty-First Century Needs: Lessons from the Tri-State Water Wars, 29 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 959 (2013).
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