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Katherine Hankins

Faculty Affiliate & Interim Chair (Geosciences)    ,

Ph.D., Geography, University of Georgia


Katherine is an Urban Geographer whose current research focuses on the role of faith-based community development in inner city neighborhoods. With colleague Dr. Andy Walter of the University of West Georgia, she is examining the activities of an urban ministry collective, which employs a “gentrification with justice” strategy to transform five impoverished neighborhoods in Atlanta. This work builds on research she has conducted on the role of neighborhood activism around schools, affordable housing, land-use conflicts, and environmental justice, and how these efforts are connected to the urban political economy in Atlanta.

Katherine’s research has been published in ACME, Antipode, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Space and Polity, Tijdschrift: The Journal of Economic and Social Geography, Urban Geography, and Urban Studies (forthcoming). 

She is the Interim Chair and a professor in the Department of Geosciences.

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2017    Hankins, K. “Creative democracy and the quiet politics of the everyday” Urban Geography, 38(4): 502-506.

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2015    Hankins, K., A. Walter, and K. Derickson. “‘Committing to a place’: the place-based, faith-based legacies of the Civil Rights Movement” in Nagel, C. et al., “The legacies of the U.S. Civil Rights Act, fifty years on” Political Geography 48: 159-168.

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2014    Hankins, K., M. Puckett*, D. Oakley, and E. Ruel, “Forced mobility: the relocation of public-housing residents in Atlanta” Environment and Planning A 46: 2932-2949.

2012    Hankins, K., R. Cochran*, and K. Derickson. “Making space, making race: Reconstituting white privilege in Buckhead, Atlanta” Social and Cultural Geography 13(4): 379-397.

2012    Hankins, K. and A. Walter. “‘Gentrification with justice:’ An urban ministry collective and the practice of place-making in Atlanta’s inner city neighborhoods” Urban Studies 49(7): 1507-1526.

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