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Risa Palm

Professor of Urban Geography    ,

Risa Palm is an urban geographer (Ph.D. University of Minnesota) and Senior Vice President and Provost at Georgia State University. Her research interests are in urban geography and she has done extensive work on the topics of natural hazards responsiveness, urban housing, and urban impacts of global climate change. She has previously held tenured positions at the rank of professor in departments of geography at the University of Colorado, the University of Oregon, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Louisiana State University and SUNY Buffalo. Dr. Palm has published numerous books, monographs, and journal articles, and received research honors from the Association of American Geographers. She was President of the Association of American Geographers and has also served on the board of the American Geographical Society.  She has served on several panels and committees for the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences.

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Selected Publications:

Palm, Risa; Lewis, Gregory B.; and Feng, Bo, “What Causes People to Change Their Opinion About Climate Change?” (2017). Taylor & Francis in Annals of the American Association of Geographers

Palm, Risa, 2010.  “John Borchert’s American Metropolitan Evolution.”  Geographical Review, Vol. 100. 308-311.

Palm, Risa & Danis, Michelle. (2001). Residential mobility: The impacts of Web-based information on the search process and spatial housing choice patterns. Urban Geography. 22. 641-655.

Palm, Risa and John Carroll, 1998.  Illusions of Safety: Culture and Earthquake Hazard Response in the US and Japan. (Boulder: Westview Press).

Palm, Risa and Michael Hodgson. 1992.  After a California Earthquake: Attitude and Behavior Change.  (Chicago: University of Chicago Press)

Palm, Risa, 1981.  The Geography of American Cities (New York: Oxford University Press).

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