Current Research

Urbanization in India

This project investigates emergent urban formations in India. The project shifts attention from the country’s megacities to more dispersed patterns of accelerating urbanization in what used to be mainly rural environs, that could involve hundreds of million of people. >>>Learn More

Renting the Dream

This research examines the role of foreclosures in the growth of single-family rentals and the types of neighborhoods where these rentals tended to grow during the early 2010s and zooms in on one large metro, the Atlanta metropolitan area, to examine patterns at the neighborhood level. >>> Learn More

Pathways of Urban Integration and the Health of LGBTQ Youth

This project investigates how LGBTQ youths make their initial social network connections, when and where they become integrated into the urban LGBQ communities, and what social consequences are for those who follow different pathways of integration. >>>Learn More

Urban Growth, Neoliberal Failures, and Water Scarcity in Accra and Atlanta

This project investigates the gap between the global North and South water governances. The project addresses the gap by comparing water governance regimes in Atlanta (USA) and Accra (Ghana). >>>Learn More

The Impact of Sports Stadiums and Mega Events on Sustainable Urban Development

This project investigates the economic, social, political, and environmental consequences of urban sports stadiums. >>>Learn More

Imagining the 21st Century Urban University: Global Perspectives on Policy and Practice

The research promotes critical, policy-relevant dialogue on the role of universities, and their relationship with cities, in a rapidly urbanizing and globalizing world. >>>Learn More

Urban Sustainability

Urban sustainability and resilience are important guiding visions for cities. Research on urban sustainability allows us to learn from, and improve, the planning and governance of urban systems. Research aims to co-develop evidence-based and transformative pathways to sustainability, resilience, and equity. Urban sustainability explores adaptive, strategic, and transformative futures. >>> Learn More