2017-18 Request for Comparative Urban Research Proposals

The Partnership engages faculty from partnering universities in major cities where there are clear interest and expertise in the study of the social, economic, and political processes driving common and unique urban processes, and generating both urban challenges and opportunities. This Partnership focuses on research projects in which scholars with an expertise in urban issues in Atlanta (and other major American cities), collaborate closely with scholars with expertise in Hong Kong (and Greater China), the major urban areas of South Africa (and other major African cities), and other international research institutions.

By comparing our understandings, policies and challenges in three different national environments, we expect to elucidate the kinds of understandings and interventions that are universal or cross-national in contrast to those that are more locally applicable.  By building a framework of collaborative and comparative research in major world cities on three different continents, we expect to gain a deeper understanding of the urban context and process.

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