Pankaj Kapoor – December 11, 3:00pm

Pankaj Kapoor is the founder and managing director of Liases Foras- a real estate research and consulting firm in Mumbai, India. Kapoor has over 20 years of experience in the field of real estate and valuation, and is considered one of the best minds on land economics and price in India. Kapoor has independently developed several analytical models to determine price behavior by drawing on both economic and spatial analyses. Kapoor works closely with financial institutions, development firms and government agencies, advising them on risks and trends across urban as well as semi-urban contexts. Pankaj Kapoor has an MBA from the Institute of Management Education, Pune and BSc. Mathematics from Lucknow Christen College, Lucknow.

During his visit to the Urban Studies Institute Pankaj Kapoor will discuss (i) the historical evolution of the real estate sector and the urban land market in India post economic liberalization in 2002; (ii) the effects of financialization of real estate; and (iii) the model he has developed to simulate property price patterns.

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