Pathways of Urban Integration and the Health of LGBTQ Youth

This project investigates how LGBTQ youths make their initial social network connections, when and where they become integrated into the urban LGBQ communities, and what social consequences are for those who follow different pathways of integration into urban LGBTQ communities; examining urban cities such as Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Cape Town. To fully understand these complex, multi-level, and dynamic processes, this research project asserts that we need to take a comparative urbanist approach that draws on insights from multiple disciplines, notably sociology; urban geography; community psychology; women’s, gender, sexuality studies; and public health.

Research team and affiliated institutions: Eric R. Wright (Georgia State University), Day K. Wong (Hong Kong Baptist University), Yiu-Tung Suen (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Bradley Rink (University of Western Cape), Tamara Shefer (University of Western Cape), Alan Mablin (University of Witwatersand, Johannesburg)

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