Renting the Dream

In the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis, there has been marked shift towards renting in the U.S. In the 50 largest metropolitan areas, the number of detached, single-family rental homes increased from 3.8 million to 5.8 million from 2006 to 2016. This project first examines trends in single-family rentals across these 50 metros, and finds that many metropolitan areas, especially in the Sunbelt, have seen large increases in single-family home rentals. The paper and then zooms in on one large metro, the Atlanta metropolitan area, to examine patterns at the neighborhood level. This research also examines the role of foreclosures in the growth of single-family rentals and the types of neighborhoods where these rentals tended to grow during the early 2010s.

Research team and affiliated institutions: Dan Immergluck, Urban Studies Institute, GSU

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