2019 Comparative Urbanism Conference Preliminary Schedule

Day One

Introductions and Welcome from the Provost
Keynote: George Lin

1A: New Horizons in Comparative Urban Theory

1B: Urban Spatial Inequalities: Global Perspectives

1C: Urban Commons: Perspectives, Issues, and Cases

2A: Universalizing Urban Theory?

2B: Rural-Urban Migration: Global Perspectives

2C: Everyday Life and Urban Experience

3A: Shifting Mobilities in Diverse Suburbanisms

3B: (Im)migrant Entrepreneurship and Urban Development in Global Cities

3C: Global Urbanism on the Edge: Displacement and Struggles for the City

Keynote: Kevin Ward


Day Two

4A: Comparing Urban Experiments, Legacies, and Failures

4B: Perspectives on Global Mega Urbanization

4C: City as Legal Innovator

5A: Governing the City through Projects

5B: Global Housing Markets, Politics and Policies

5C: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Urban Resilience

6A: Dialogues with Southern Urbanisms

6B: Gentrification, Inclusive (Re)Development, and Urban Policy in a Global Perspective

6C: Global Approaches to Urban Land Financing

Keynote: Ananya Roy
Closing Panel