Director Jan Nijman's Thought Leadership Piece in the Saporta Report

The Urban Studies is proud to announce the creation of the only Ph.D program in Urban Studies in the state of Georgia this fall. To learn more about the program’s impact read Director Jan Nijman‘s Saporta Report piece.

“The program will give students at the highest level an understanding of cities, how they work, how they are shaping our society and how they can be managed to promote economic resilience, social inclusion and environmental sustainability”

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Chris Wyczalkowski and Colleague's latest article highlighted in CityLab

Chris Wyczalkowski and colleague, Eric van Holm’s, “Gentrification in the wake of a hurricane: New Orleans after Katrina” which was recently published in Urban Studies was highlighted in CityLab.

“But the effect of storm damage on gentrification is not linear. As damage increases, the probability of gentrification increases too, but at a slower rate.”

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Dan Immergluck named in Atlanta Magazine's Top 500

The Atlanta 500 recognizes the most influential Atlantans—including not just corporate CEOs, but also the people who shape what we eat, the music we listen to, and the causes we embrace. Dr. Dan Immergluck was featured as one of the top 500 in Education and Healthcare. He writes:

“Why I chose this work: I have a passion for making cities more just and equitable.”

>>> You can check out Atlanta Magazine’s Top 500 here.

Xinyu Fu new article published in Cities

Postdoctoral Xinyu Fu‘s paper was recently published in Cities. “Assessing the sea-level rise vulnerability in coastal communities: A case study in the Tampa Bay region, US” develops a conceptual sea level rise vulnerability assessment framework using the Tampa Bay area as a case study.
>>> You can read Dr. Fu’s full article here.

David Iwaniec's research featured in PNAS

David Iwaniec‘s urban resilience scenarios work was recently featured in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).
>>> You can check out Dr. Iwaniec’s work here.

Chris Wyczalkowski and colleague new article published in Urban Studies

Chris Wyczalkowski and colleague, Eric van Holm’s, “Gentrification in the wake of a hurricane: New Orleans after Katrina” was recently published in Urban Studies. This neighborhood change study finds a positive relationship between gentrification and damage from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. To read the full article, click here.

Jean-Paul Addie and Colleagues Publish a New Urban University Viewpoint Forum in Cities

Jean-Paul Addie and Michele Acuto curate the conversation “Perspectives on the 21st Century Urban University from Singapore” with K.C. Ho, Stephen Cairn, and Hwee-Pink Tan in the journal Cities. To find out how thinking with higher education institutions in Singapore reshapes our understanding of urban university policy and practice, read the full article here.

David Iwaniec and Colleagues Publish New Article in Earth's Future

Instead of thinking of infrastructure as purely technological artifacts, the authors instead propose considering infrastructure as linked social, ecological, and technological systems (SETS). Adopting a SETS lens can help identify vulnerabilities that develop within infrastructure systems over time. To read the full article click here.

Chris Wyczalkowski featured on WSB TV News

Postdoctoral researcher Chris Wyczalkowski commented on the plans to expand MARTA in the Atlanta area. “If we can get more people using transit, this will be an improvement,” he said of MARTA’s plan. “But if you create (population) density and people are still in their cars, it’s going to be a nightmare.” To read more click here.

Locating the Urban University: International Dialogues with South African Policy and Practice

As part of a GSU International Collaborative Urban Research Grant, Jean-Paul Addie was in Cape Town in August to run the workshop “Locating the Urban University: International Dialogues with South African Policy and Practice”. To learn more click here.

Chris Wyczalkowski Publishes New Paper in Risks, Hazards, & Crisis in Public Policy

Chris Wyczalkowski along with Ann-Margaret Esnard, and other authors published “Trajectories of School Recovery After a Natural Disaster: Risk and Protective Factors.” This paper focused on two aims: (i) identification of school academic recovery trajectories; and (ii) examination of potential risk factors associated with these trajectories. Findings suggest that disasters do not affect all communities equally, and attendance and percent of economically disadvantaged youth are significant risk factors. To read the full article click here.

David Iwaniec Publishes New Paper in WIREs Water

David Iwaniec publishes “Pluvial Flood Risk and Opportunities for Resilience” in WIREs Water. The article examines case studies of pluvial flooding in six cities in the continental U.S. The article also identifies key research challenges that should be prioritized by the interdisciplinary water research community to better support urban resilience practice. To read the full article click here.

Dan Immergluck Publishes New Paper Featured in Cityscape

Dan Immergluck publishes “The Geography of Vacant Housing and Neighborhood Health Disparities after the U.S Foreclosure Crisis” in Cityscape Journal. The paper examines the association between long-term vacant housing and health outcomes at the neighborhood level. To read the full paper click here.

Tim Kellison Awarded Grant to Study Olympic Games' Environmental Impact

Tim Kellison received a 10k grant from the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Studies Centre. The project entitled “Cost and knowledge valuation of LA 2028’s environmental legacy” will examine how local residents prioritize environmental programs in relation to the Olympics. To learn more click here.

Jean-Paul Addie Publishes From the 'Smart City to the 'Smart Metropolis'?

In his new article in European Urban and Regional Studies, Dr. Addie, Stefano De Falco, and Margarita Angelidou examine how, and where, smart city strategies can be deployed to address spatial, social, and material dimensions of urban peripherality. Read the article here.

Deirdre Oakley Publishes Black Lives and Policing: The Larger Context of Ghettoization

In her new article published in The Journal of Urban Affairs, Dr. Oakley reviews the institutionalized racism called out by the Kerner Commission, arguing that occasional and even chronic police violence is an outcome rather than the core problem. To read the full article, click here.

Dan Immergluck Publishes New Paper in Housing Policy Debate

Dan Immergluck publishes “Renting the Dream: The Rise of Single Family Rentership in the Sunbelt Metropolis”. The paper shows SFR increased by over 50% in 50 largest metros 2006-2015. Read it here.

Jean-Paul Addie Publishes New Article in European Planning Studies

Jean-Paul Addie publishes “University-led innovation in and for peripheral urban areas: New approaches in Naples, Italy and Newark, NJ, US” with Rosalba Angrisani and Stefano De Falco in European Planning Studies. The paper focuses on the spatial development problem of university-led innovation and, through a novel comparative framework, demonstrates the significance of multi-scalar relationships in structuring economic development policy and institutional practice in peripheral urban spaces. Read the article here.

Celebrating 50 Years of the Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on April 11, 1968. In its fifty years of existence, “the Fair Housing Act has been inching us to a fairer, more integrated nation,” said Reed Colfax, keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary celebration of the passage of the Fair Housing Act held on April 11th at Georgia State Law. The event was co-sponsored and organized by Metro Fair Housing Services Inc. in partnership with Georgia State’s Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth and many other institutions.

April Preemption Workshop Draws City Attorneys From Across Southeast

On April 16, city attorneys from around the southeast gathered at Georgia State Law for a one day workshop, Local Government Decision Making and Preemption: Legal Remedies and Actions. This workshop was sponsored by Georgia State’s Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth, The Urban Law Center at Fordham Law School, the National League of Cities, and the Local Solutions Support Center.

Transportation, Accessibility, and the Health of Vulnerable Populations in Metro Atlanta

Fei Li and Chris Wyczalkowski granted 14k from internal funding for newest research. The project will focus on the lack of access to safe, timely, and affordable transportation and how it may be detrimental to social and economic wellbeing and harmful to health. To learn more about the project, click here.

Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law

West Academic Publishing has published the fourth edition of Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law, a hornbook series written by Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, Georgia State University, Thomas E. Roberts, Wake Forest, Patricia E. Salkin, Touro, and Ryan Max Rowberry, Georgia State University.

Jan Nijman keynotes Year of India Conference

Kennesaw State University in partnership with Georgia State University hosts The Year of India conference which explores India’s rich political, economic, and artistic history. Urban Studies Institute’s Jan Nijman Keynotes the Conference on March 17. To learn more about the Year of India Conference, click here.

Jan Nijman guest speaker at Fulbright Seminar

Jan Nijman was a guest speaker for the Fulbright Seminar: Fulbright scholars represented 54 different countries and more than 50 different U.S. host institutions on March 10, 2018. Learn more about the Fulbright Program here.

Old Wine in Private Equity Bottles?

Dan Immergluck publishes “Old Wine in Private Equity Bottles? The Resurgence of Contract-for-Deed Home Sales in US Urban Neighborhoods” in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.This article describes the reemergence, in the wake of the mortgage crisis, of a predatory financial practice in predominantly black neighborhoods in the US: the contract for deed (CFD). To read the article click here.

The UREx Program Seeks Postdoctoral Fellow - Deadline: March 31, 2018

The Scenarios Working Group research team at the Urban Studies Institute is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join the team. The focus of research will be on scenario co-development of urban resilience and sustainability transformation under possible alternate future scenarios. The interdisciplinary position is open Ph.D applicants who has experience with participatory research, independent and collaborative research, and published research results. For full job description click here.

Urban(izing) University Strategic Planning: An Analysis of London and New York City

In a newly published paper in Urban Affairs Review, Jean-Paul Addie develops a conceptual and methodological approach to assess the urban strategic priorities of universities in an era of global urbanization.
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Dan Immerglucks's, Sustainable for Whom?, ranked 6th in Shelterforce's Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2017

Dan Immergluck’s “Sustainable for Whom?” was ranked 6th in Shelterforce’s top 10 most popular articles of 2017. Shelterforce is a widely read online blog in the community development industry and publishes about five articles a week. To discover more about Shelterforce, click here.

Jan Nijman named External Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study

Jan Nijman was named External Faculty at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study of the University of Amsterdam. The IAS focuses on complex scientific and societal questions and promotes collaborative interdisciplinary research. The research agenda includes a program on urban complexity. For more information, click here

Call for Papers! Journal of Urban Affairs

The Journal of Urban Affairs is inviting article submissions for a special issue on “Black Meccas of the South.” The issue will focus on characters of southern cities as possible Black Meccas, the conceptual limitations of urban black place-making, and the significance of economic, cultural, and people flows between hemispheric southern spaces in the making of Black/Afro descendant urban space. If interested, please submit a 150-word abstract to: by December 15, 2017. To learn more and full details, click here.

Emanuela Guano publishes Creative Urbanity: An Italian Middle Class in the Shade of Revitalization

Creative Urbanity: An Italian Middle Class in the Shade of Revitalization sheds new light on a largely neglected aspect of neoliberal urbanism—namely, its role in fostering an economy of hope even as it keeps reproducing precariousness.

Urban Studies Institute Receives $1 Million NSF Grant

The Urban Studies Institute receives a $1 Million NSF Grant to promote resilient cities. The project is led by David Iwaniec. To read more, click here.

Market Demand-Based Planning and Permitting

Four prominent land use and planning professors introduced their new book, Market Demand-Based Planning and Permitting, at the Georgia State University College of Law in early November.

Dr. Risa Palm’s “In the Annals of AAG,” featured in Forbes

Forbes Magazine praises ‘landmark study” on climate change and public opinion, by USI faculty affiliate Risa Palm and co-authors. Click Here

Dr. David Iwaniec Named on Governing Board of Cities and Climate Conference 2018

Urban Studies Institute professor, David Iwaniec, named on the governing board of “Cities and Climate Change Conference 2018.”

Call for Papers: Year of India Conference

Call for papers: Year of India Conference. Click here for more information and guidelines on the 2018 Year of India Conference.