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Cathy Yang Liu

Faculty Affiliate & Associate Professor (PMAP)    ,

Ph.D., Planning, University of Southern California


Cathy Yang Liu is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. She is the faculty director for the urban planning and policy concentration in bachelor, master, and Ph.D. in public policy degree programs and the Graduate Certificate in Planning and Economic Development.

Dr. Liu conducts research and publishes widely on topics related to community and economic development, migration and mobility patterns, and immigrants’ employment dynamics in the urban contexts.  She addresses urban policy and community development issues in the context of changing urban spatial form, demographic dynamics, and economic processes. Other interests include the creative economy, ethnic entrepreneurship, and urban policy, as well as urban development and migration issues in global cities around the world. 

Her personal site is available at

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Selected publications:


Liu, C. Y. and *Huang, X. (2016) The Rise of Urban Entrepreneurs in China: Capital Endowments and Entry Dynamics. Growth and Change, forthcoming

Liu, C. Y. and *Edwards, J. (2015) Immigrant Employment through the Great Recession: Individual Characteristics and Metropolitan Contexts. Social Science Journal, forthcoming.

Liu, C. Y., *Miller, J. and Wang, Q. (2014) Ethnic Enterprises and Community Development. GeoJournal, 79 (5): 565-576.

Liu, C. Y. and *Xie, W. (2013) Creativity and Inequality: The Dual Path of China’s Urban Economy? Growth and Change, 44 (4): 608-630.

Liu, C. Y. (2013) Latino Immigration and the Low-skill Urban Labor Market: The Case of Atlanta. Social Science Quarterly, 94 (1) 137-151.

*Kolenda, R. and Liu, C. Y. (2012) Are Central Cities More Creative? The Intrametropolitan Geography of Creative Industries. Journal of Urban Affairs, 24 (5): 487-511.

Liu, C. Y. (2012) From Los Angeles to Shanghai: Testing the Applicability of Five Urban Paradigms. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 36 (6): 1127-1145 (lead article). (Reprinted in “Comparative Urbanism”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Virtual Issue, April 2014).

Liu, C. Y. (2012) Intrametropolitan Opportunity Structure and the Self-employment of Asian and Latino Immigrants. Economic Development Quarterly, 26 (2):178-192


Liu, C. Y. and Xie, W. (2016) Creativity and Inequality: The Dual Path of China’s Urban Development. In Ye, L. (ed): Urbanization and Urban Governance in China: Issues, Challenges, and Development. London, UK: Palgrave Mcmillan, forthcoming.

Liu, C. Y. (2014) Intra-metropolitan Opportunity Structure and Immigrant Self-employment. In Zhang, J. and Duncan, H. (eds.): Migration in China and Asia: Experience and Policy (pp. 149-171). New York, NY: Springer.

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