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Chris Wyczalkowski

Postdoctoral Research Associate    ,

Ph.D., Georgia State University & Georgia Tech


Dr. Wyczalkowski is a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Urban Studies Institute and Disaster SMART Schools at Georgia State University. Chris is an urban policy scholar with research interests related to the interaction of society with the evolving urban environment. His current research agenda is focused on the effects of transportation systems on neighborhood change, and disaster recovery. 

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Urban neighborhood change, Public transportation policy, Sustainable economic development and urban resilience, Urban poverty, Behavioral economics.

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Esnard, A. M., Lai, B. S., Wyczalkowski, C., Malmin, N., & Shah, H. J. (2018). School vulnerability to disaster: examination of school closure, demographic, and exposure factors in Hurricane Ike’s wind swath. Natural Hazards, 90(2), 513-535.

Pathak, R., Wyczalkowski, C. K., & Huang, X. (2017). Public transit access and the changing spatial distribution of poverty. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 66, 198-212.

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