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Deirdre Oakley

Faculty Affiliate & Professor (Sociology)    ,

Dr. Oakley is a Managing Editor of the Journal of Urban Affairs. She is currently working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project concerning Community Land Trusts with Dr. Erin Ruel (Sociology, GSU); Drs Susan Saegert and Mary Clare Lennon at CUNY Graduate Center. Her research focuses on how urban social disadvantages surrounding education, housing and neighborhood change are often compounded by the spatial aspects of urban policies. She has provided Congressional testimony concerning public housing preservation and the Neighborhood Choice Initiative to the Financial Services Committee.

As a professor in the Department of Sociology, she teaches urban sociology and policy courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as courses in research methods and spatial analytic techniques.

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Logan, J & Oakley, D. (2017) “Black Lives and Policing: The Larger Context of Ghettoization.” Journal of Urban Affairs

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Oakley, D. (2015). “Broadening our Focus: Regional Cities as a New Frontier of Urban Sociology.” City & Community. 14: (3): 249-253.

Oakley, D. and *Ukpabi, I. (2015).  “Barcelona and the 21st Century Housing Question.” Revista de Derecho Urbanístico (RDU). 297: (April-May): 207-220.

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