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Fei Li

Assistant Professor    Urban Policy and Planning, Housing and Mobility

Ph.D NYU Wagner


Urban Policy & Planning,


Fei Li is an Assistant Professor in the Urban Studies Institute. Her work explores how individuals and markets react to and interact with policy. She is broadly interested in contemporary urban issues related to housing, transportation, segregation, inequality, and the social impacts of technology. Her current projects include 1) the effects of mandatory inclusionary housing, or affordable housing requirements for private housing developments, on housing production and income segregation; 2) the geography of parking and its implications on urban form and functions; 3) using large, innovative datasets to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic safety measures and the public health outcomes.

Fei holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration from New York University. She received her bachelor’s degree in urban planning and art from Peking University in China and an M.Phil. in geography from Hong Kong Baptist University.

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